DeWitt Classic Quantième

— On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the DeWitt manufacture unveils the Classic collection. Focus on the Classic Quantième model featuring a white dial.

Dial of DeWitt's Classic Quantieme, white dial

While remaining faithful to the DeWitt DNA, the case is thinner than on the Academia and Twenty-8-Eight collections, and features a refined and understated version of the iconic imperial column motif. The 40 mm-diameter rose-gold case and the soft, curved lines of the horns give an impression of extreme lightness.

Equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, the Classic Quantieme Replica Watches offers a power reserve of approximately 42 hours. In addition to indicating the hours, minutes, and seconds, the movement has a calendar with days of the week in the aperture at 11 o’clock, months at 1 o’clock and the date using a central hand.

DeWitt - Classic Quantième

Classic Quantième, white dial © DeWitt Replica Watches

A mother-of-pearl moon phase indicator positioned at 6 o’clock is delicately placed on a “goldstone” sky. Goldstone is a glittering glass discovered in Venice in the seventeenth century, which later developed into the famous Murano glass.

The Classic Quantieme is a paragon of traditional Swiss Replica Watchesmaking expertise with its sunray dial, embellished with apertures, a moon phase indicator and appliqué markers, and openwork sword-shaped hands. The sunray dial allows light and shadow to subtly interact with shape and colour.
It meets the high standards of finish adopted by the DeWitt Manufacture since its creation: satin-finished, polished and chamfered surfaces. The high quality of finishing work also applies to the oscillating weight embellished with “CĂ´tes de Genève”, signed by DeWitt, which can be seen through a sapphire crystal. There is also a “W” engraved on the rose-gold fluted crown.

A long-awaited return and a surprise departure mark this autumn’s auctions in Geneva

Antiquorum, lot 143, Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’Ile Titanium, CHF 15,000-20,000 © Antiquorum

Antiquorum, Christie’s and Sotheby’s will be putting on the show this 10th, 11th and 12th November in Geneva with a season dedicated to Abraham-Louis Breguet – this year marks the 190th anniversary of his death – and the Rolex Daytona, celebrating its 50th birthday. Aurel Bacs, meanwhile, bows out.

Some 1,340 Replica Watches UK, vintage timepieces and clocks will, provided all the lots find buyers, change hands between November 10th and 12th in Geneva, when Antiquorum, Christie’s and Sotheby’s – by order of appearance – take the stage for one of the most important sessions in the watch auction calendar. Events will be marked by the sale, at Sotheby’s, of an astronomical pocket watch by Breguet which a few years ago put the Paris auction world in a spin, and the surprise announcement that Aurel Bacs is leaving his position as Christie’s international head of replica Rolex watches (see “It’s like an extreme sport. You have to know when to stop!”). The same Christie’s is holding a themed auction for the fiftieth anniversary of the Rolex Daytona, in addition to its main sale.

Many recent pieces

Antiquorum, lot 467, TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Platinum Limited Edition, CHF 25,000-35,000 © Antiquorum

Antiquorum will set the ball rolling at the Mandarin Oriental on Sunday 10th November. No fewer than 600 lots, the autumn session’s largest selection, will come on the block. The majority are modern and vintage pieces, prompting some sharp-tongued observers to comment that the Geneva auctions have become “the second-hand watch supermarket.” Among the bargains to be had, on the understanding that recent watches often go for half and sometimes even a third of their value when new, are a Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’Ile automatic date in titanium (lot 143, est. CHF 15,000-20,000), and a TAG Heuer Monaco V4, a headline-grabber when it was launched in 2009, as certain movement wheels are replaced by drive belts (lot 467, est. CHF 25,000-35,000).

Among the more unusual lots coming under the hammer at Antiquorum are a 1970s prototype, and therefore unique piece, for the Omega Seamaster Ploprof (lot 238, est. CHF 25,000-35,000), and the recycling – the only way to describe it! – of the Corum Golden Bridge for Only Watch (2011). Estimated two years ago between EUR 55,000 and EUR 70,000, it went for EUR 50,000. It returns to the same auction house, this time with an estimate of CHF 10,000-15,000. However, the lot that will be focusing all eyes and expectations is once again a Patek Philippe. Reference 5016 Tourbillon Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar in pink gold is a rarity in the salesroom because of its black dial (lot 603, est. CHF 450,000-650,000).

Patek Philippe is also on the agenda at Christie’s. For its main sale on Monday 11th November at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, the auction house proposes 355 timepieces, roughly a third of which are by the Genevan watchmaker. The highlights of the sale are References 1563, a yellow gold split-seconds chronograph (lot 193, est. CHF 800,000-1,400,000), and 2499, a perpetual calendar chronograph with moon phases manufactured in 1957 (lot 152, est. CHF 1,000,000-1,500,000). “The latter was sold at auction in 2005,” comments Arnaud Tellier, former curator of the Patek Philippe Museum and founder of Tellier Fine Arts consultancy. “Indeed, many of the UK replica watches in these autumn sales already came on the block five or ten years ago.” Lot 108 of this sale is another Patek Philippe, Reference 2499, but co-branded Cartier at the bottom of the dial (est. CHF 500,000-800,000). It found a buyer in 2006 for CHF 626,500 at Antiquorum. How will it fare second time around?

Breguet in the spotlight

Among the historic timepieces on offer, Abraham-Louis Breguet will be very much the centre of attention over these three days of sales. Christie’s is proposing two important pieces by the master watchmaker. Firstly a “hunter case cylinder watch with excentric hour and minute dials” n° 4420, sold on October 3rd 1825 to King George IV of Great Britain (lot 233, est. CHF 80,000-120,000). “This watch should achieve a high price,” comments Arnaud Tellier, adding that “a regulator-type display on two dials is quite rare and I imagine will generate a lot of interest among collectors. The historical provenance is important too.” The second is a “quarter repeating watch with free escapement with natural lift” n° 1135, sold in 1806 to the Spanish Duke of Infantado (lot 236, est. CHF 300,000-500,000). Breguet was one of the first to consider the problem of lubricant, whose animal or vegetable origin made it unstable. His “Ă©chappement naturel” has two escape wheels for maximum amplitude of the balance and minimum friction, and runs without oil.

Third in line, Sotheby’s will take up residence at Hotel Beau-Rivage on Tuesday 12th November for a sale that places even greater emphasis on the Swiss-born French watchmaker. Commemorating the 190th anniversary of his death, an entire section will be devoted to him, opening with a portrait of the master. An anonymous oil on canvas of the French school, painted circa 1800, the notice tells us that this portrait was, until recently, the property of Breguet’s descendants (lot 325, est. CHF 20,000-40,000). Leading this part of the sale, however, is a gold pair case astronomical pocket watch n°4691 with barleycorn guillochage. Unknown to the public until a few years ago, it is one of Breguet’s most complex realisations in such a small space. In addition to its half quarter repeating mechanism, this extra-flat watch incorporates an equation of time, a power-reserve indication, day, date and month, and moon phases (lot 330, est. CHF 600,000-1,000,000). It was sold on 13th October 1831 to Lord Henry Seymour Conway, known in his day to be a man about town, and later worn by Sir Richard Wallace, heir to the Seymour fortune and a renowned British collector.

Off the record

Antiquorum, lot 238, Omega Seamaster Ploprof Prototype, CHF 25,000-35,000 © Antiquorum

This is an extraordinary watch on more than one count. Indeed, Sotheby’s omits from its catalogue a dramatic chapter in its history. On 10th April 2008, Bailly-Pommery & Voutier AssociĂ©s organised an important sale of jewellery, Replica Watches and objects of virtue at the Drouot salesrooms in Paris. One of the lots to come under the hammer was this very pocket watch. Estimated at EUR 100,000, bidding reached an astounding EUR 3,469,760 including commission (EUR 2,800,000 excluding commission), a record for a watch at auction in France. As Arnaud Tellier recalls, “Emmanuel Breguet, director of Breguet France and of the brand’s heritage, was in the room, with Nicolas Hayek on the telephone. The watch was intended for the Breguet Museum in Paris, but Hayek Senior was outbid. The twist in the tale being that the buyer never paid. He committed suicide a week later. Everyone was talking about it. Rumour had it that the buyer, an Egyptian, had also bought a château before killing himself.”

The watch was returned to the owning family where it sparked a dispute between the heirs, hence why more than five years have passed since its last public appearance. Experts are waiting with bated breath to see how much this highly anticipated piece will fetch, whether its recent history will influence the result, and will the Replica Watches UK finally join the Breguet Museum collection.

Vulcain Trophy Partnership with Heiner Lauterbach

— Vulcain announces its partnership with beloved German actor, Heiner Lauterbach who will be working at the manufacturer’s side to endorse the brand.

Heiner Lauterbach

As a Replica Watches connoisseur, Heiner Lauterbach has a cultivated sense of technical details, high-quality workmanship and harmonious design. His credo is a perfect fit for the Le Locle-based manufactory, a company dedicated to maintaining the tradition of watchmaking as well as appreciation of luxury, engineering and design.

Vulcain – a brand in whose grand tradition the “chirping cricket”, the unmistakable sound of the mechanical wristwatch alarm, plays a major role. In 1947, the manufactory presented the first truly functional wristwatch alarm in the world, equipped with the now legendary Cricket calibre. The alarm clock was finally called simply the “President’s Replica Watches UK” because Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon and Johnson all placed their trust in it. The in-house designers are constantly expanding the refined collection, without losing sight of the company’s history.
Heiner Lauterbach – a multifaceted actor, family man and worldly bon vivant. A native of Cologne, he was acting on the stage at just 19 years old. His breakthrough came in 1985 with Doris Dörrie’s hit comedy “Männer”. This was followed by other films as well as numerous TV series and movies. He has also done notable work on the stage and as a director. Lauterbach is always looking for a new challenge. He doesn’t let himself be pigeonholed; instead he is always surprising his audiences with new and different roles. He is aided in this by his many years of experience, which have given him a certain equanimity.
Heiner Lauterbach’s collection already includes the Vulcain Heritage Model of the Monopusher Chronograph from the 50s President’s fake watches line. Vulcain is enriched by this opportunity to collaborate with the actor and to find inspiration in his ideas.

Audemars Piguet Millenary Minute Repeater

— The Millenary Minute Repeater was unveiled last September at UK Replica Watches & Wonders, in Hong Kong.

 Millenary Minute Repeater  ref.26371OR-OO-D803CR-01 © Audemars Piguet

The new Millenary Minute Repeater in rose gold perpetuates a line of complicated Audemars Piguet wristwatches which includes pieces as the Tradition d’Excellence No. 5, the MC12, the Deadbeat seconds and the Carbon One. Cased in pink gold the Replica Watches features hours, minutes, seconds and minute repeater functions together with a specifically developed winding system making it – like its illustrious forebears – an a blend of technical sophisticaton, innovative materials and watch making savoir faire.

Its distinctively-shaped case provides an instantly recognisable setting for the eye-catching, gold with enamel subdials which beg closer inspection of the mechanism within.

Vital to the smooth running of a watch, the escapement serves to transmit the energy from the barrel to the movement in a smooth and linear way. Inspired by the work of French, 18th century clock maker Robert Robin, Audemars Piguet’s invention combines the high efficiency of a direct impulse escapement with the reliability of a traditional, Swiss lever escapement.

In blending the two, the watch makers at Le Brassus have succeeded in reducing energy losses and in eliminating the need to lubricate the pallet stones – groundbreaking technical advances which have enhanced rating accuracy, long-term stability and shock resistance.


Millenary Minute Repeater ref.26371OR-OO-D803CR-01 © Audemars Piguet

Sophisticated Engineering

Entirely conceived, developed and produced by Audemars Piguet, the new hand-wound calibre which drives the Millenary Minute Repeater is further distinguished by the atypical construction of the regulating organ which is composed not just of one balance spring, but of two placed top to tail.

This flat, opposite-facing double spring system offers numerous advantages: it ensures automatic compensation for potential poising flaws; it eliminates the need for the ‘overcoil’ terminal curves of so-called Breguet-type balance springs (which are notoriously difficult to make) and it does away with the imprecision resulting from the vertical position of the watch without needing to resort to a complex device such as a tourbillon.

All of these features serve to ensure finer adjustment of the balance spring assembly, which oscillates at 21,600 vibrations per hour. The two movement barrels, meanwhile, guarantee a seven days power reserve and a third barrel, dedicated to the striking mechanism, is two-and-a-half times larger than normal, thereby enhancing the regularity of the note.

Finally, in terms of security, the Millenary Minute Repeater is equipped with a balance-stop system designed to ensure time setting accurate to the nearest second. The new winding system also incorporates a security device that prevents time setting while the striking mechanism is in operation in order to avoid any potential risk of damage.

Dynamic three-dimensional architecture

The oval-shaped Millenary case is made from brushed pink gold and topped with a polished pink gold bezel.

The positioning of the gold with white enamel hours and minutes dial, offset at three o’clock, and the small seconds at seven o’clock allow the major movement components to be clearly seen, revealing a wealth of hand-bevelled edges and interior angles as well as the overall anthracite-coloured, galvanic treatment. The ‘blued’ gong of the minute repeater is visible from the top as it curves around the circumference of the case.

These detail can be admired from both sides of the Swiss Replica Watches thanks to the transparent case back, allowing two distinct views of the Millenary Minute Repeater’s truly dynamic three-dimensional architecture.

Cyrus Kuros, titanium and red gold

— Choose between ref. 598.001.A or 598.002.A , for a white or back dial.

Kuros réf. 598.002.A © Cyrus

The  Kuros models ref. 598.001.A (light dial) and 598.002.A (black dial) are housed in a 44mm case, made of titanium and 18K red gold, with  polished, satin and sandblasted finishes.

The Replica Watches UK displays hours, minutes, seconds, and the date, and it is also equipped with a chronograph function. The face is fitted with three-dimensional hands (3D) and an easy-read function. In a single glance, one can read the time at night or during the day (the hands are treated with Super-LumiNova), while a special hand, which can measure time up to or down from 4 hours and 30 minutes, enables the exact reading of hours and minutes in the chronograph function.


Kuros ref. 598.002.A © Cyrus

This hand accurately mimics the shape of the three-part logo which is also found on the crowns, faces, and screws at the back. The bottom of the watch mimics the shape of similar triangles. The three angles of the triangles resemble the three parts of the Cyrus brand logo.

A crown next to the figure 9 was added with the purpose of creating balance, and especially to remind the user of the limited series, and reveal the watch number. By moving the crown to the left, the serial number of the watch is disclosed mysteriously on the plate fitted at the base. An individual series is limited to only 188 Rolex replica watches.


Kuros ref. 598-20.A © Cyrus

The mechanism is well hidden behind the back of the watch though the quality and excellent manufacture. The selection was guided by the desire to keep the heart of the collection visible, the perishing of time itself – as well as the mysterious, over 2,500-year-old coin.

The case back of every Kuros collection watch made of a gold and titanium alloy contains an identical copy of a more than 2,500-year-old coin, fashioned during the reign of Cyrus. Today, the original is owned by the founders of the Cyrus watchmaking brand in Switzerland. The coin is a remnant of the first currency in the world; thus, it bears a great historic as well as financial value. All gold Cyrus Replica Watches bear the imprint of this very coin (5N) containing the images of a lion and a bull, the indisputable symbols of authority during the reign of Cyrus.

Every titanium product from the Kuros collection is engraved with a special message for the owner, either on the coin or around the trademark logo: ” Share the values of Cyrus the Great, the powerful conqueror, considered as the precursor of human rights. His spirit of conquest is still living in this timepiece. Be part of it. ”

Kuros collection products are available in exclusively designed presentation cases manufactured in the heart of Switzerland in a traditional carpentry shop by carpenters inspired by the very watches.

Each presentation case also contains a spare rubber (smooth or grooved) or crocodile leather band.


© Cyrus

Amy launched a new skeleton watch

Hollow is a tough operation, craftsman accuracy and dexterity requirements are very high. Le Meridien New Replica Watches UK for everyone presents a vibrant artistic talent along with modern hollow sheettray. Through the sapphire crystal glass table mirror can clearly appreciate ML134 hollow dial, each of its constituent parts is individually polished, each size have been reduced to a minimum, the production of fine and perfect.

Replica Watches

rolex replica

There are two new watch models, including a bridge dial yellow PVD coated with tantalum, showing a more perfect visual effect. Watch more details, please continue to focus watch from home.

And supermodel Cindy Crawford women entrepreneurs in Santiago, Chile debut new Omega flagship store opening

Wednesday, Omega Replica Watches celebrity ambassadors to carry the brand, supermodel Cindy Crawford and media guests at the Omega Pa Lake – Alok (Parque Arauco) held a press conference near the flagship store to celebrate the Omega brand retail business officially enter Chile.

Omega Replica

After the press conference, the Omega Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, Chile’s (Quinta Normal) celebrations. VIPs from all over Latin America, carefully arranged in a modern dance after a taste of the glittering Omega Constellation series luxury timepieces.

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Omega Replica Watches vice president, worldwide sales and distribution director and extension of the Swatch Group Management Committee: An Shiwen (Raynald Aeschlimann) President attended the event. And when it comes to Omega retail network expansion, said: “We are committed to finding the best locations around the world to open our store, very pleased to be one of a Santiago Chile market for luxury goods rising enthusiasm for We chose this vibrant place to expand our sales network, while also move consumers to share and Chile precision timepieces Omega, innovative system table technology and the pursuit of product excellence.

replica rolex

Ms. Crawford and guests who attended the dinner together, and in his speech shared his years of collaboration with the brand as well as her personal Omega watches affection.

Ms. Crawford said: “When I started in 1995 when the brand endorsement for the Omega, Omega in the watchmaking industry already has a high reputation. Early Omega Constellation able to participate in the design process series is my great honor to Omega endorsement of the years has always been full of surprises, I am very happy to be a member of the Omega family. ”

Replica Watches

Turning to the world-famous and has 18 years with the Omega partnership celebrity ambassadors, Anshi Wen said: “Cindy is the Omega brand endorsement perfect choice, she has been helping to promote our brand, long time More than any one celebrity Omega Ambassador Cindy we always maintained a very pleasant cooperation, her inspiration is still the Omega great wealth. ”

Omega Constellation series “crescent” wrist

Breitling replica watches In Santiago, the Omega flagship store opening event, especially Ms. Crawford wearing Omega Constellation series new “crescent” watch elegant appearance, which is available for the first time this watch.

This dazzling constellation series, with 18K red gold case, 18K red gold stunning white mother of pearl dial and accessories are 126 single-turn cut diamonds sparkling, creative arranged in crescent shape. Surround Bezel set with 32 pairs turn cut diamonds, and with red gold bracelet. This section exotic Omega Constellation watch equipped with top-notch 8421 coaxial movement , automatic Tuo and balance wheel are made of 18K red gold Itabashi material, and are equipped with silicon material balance spring, enjoy four years of service guaranteed.

Chile’s first Omega flagship store

Omega’s latest flagship store is located in one of the largest shopping center in Chile – Santiago Pa Mubarak – Alok (Parque Arauco) “luxury area.” Omega flagship store names in the ten-meter-high wall facade eye-catching. Dazzling window design perfectly the sun, water, earth and time which integrate these design elements, these unique brand design elements can be anywhere in the world to find an Omega flagship store.

Guests at professionally trained staff under the guidance of Omega will have the opportunity to enjoy, including Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster and De Ville Omega, including all the major male female table models, including the release of this event beautifully exquisite Constellation luxury watches.